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Please allow me to introduce myself


Hi Guys!!

Forgive me for rippin' off the line from the Stones, but that's one of my favorite songs by them. I suppose that says something about me all by itself.

Anyway, I'm brand new here and wanted to give y'all a bit of info on the new guy. I first got into RC tanks back in 2013, mostly 1/16, but I have dabbled a bit in 1/6. My crowning achievement so far is a Spearhead/Blitzkrieg Armor 1/6 Hetzer, which I converted to a chain drive system with 350 watt scooter motors, run on a 6s lipo, with a main gun that shoots .50 caliber paintballs and it has an FPV system. Once I learn the rules for posting photos I'll give ya a peek. At one time I was a member at RCTW, but as Gary Oldman said in Dracula, "That relationship was not entirely successful". I'm still a very active member at the Tank Forum on RCU, where my screen name is Crius.

I'm 63 years old, and a first generation German/American. My maternal grandfather was a machinist's mate aboard the U-Boat U-52, and my screen name is a tribute to him. I'm definitely a "cat person", and I live alone with a male cat named Nancy. Long story. 🐱

My current projects include an Armor Hobbies 1/6 Sd.Kfz.250 halftrack which I am converting to RC, an RC 21st Century M-5 Stuart that I plan to bring up to hobby grade RC standards, using an IBU2 Pro control board and run on 3s lipos, a 1/6 M-3 scout car that will also eventually be full RC, and I have a couple of the ROChobby 1/6 scale jeeps, one of which I kitbashed into a Desert Raider, using the ROChobby jeep and a 1/6 scale Dragon Desert Raider kit. The Desert Raider is really the only project I'd call complete, but the Hetzer is almost there, just needing the final details like tools and jacking block. I also collect 1/6 military action figures and I have about 40 that are still brand new in the box, and an equal number that I couldn't resist opening and displaying. I also collect 1/16 scale Danbury Mint jeeps.

I still want to build one more 1/6 Jeep, this one as the rocket launcher jeep with the Calliope missile launcher that will fire 3/8 inch bottle rockets. I've already converted a 1/6 Nebelwerfer to full function, and that one shoots 1/2 inch rockets.

I do have a youtube channel with just over 2,000 subscribers and over 1,000 videos, almost all of which concern the RC tank hobby.

I'm looking forward to all I'm sure I'll learn here, and hope to contribute valuable stuff for all to enjoy. Posting photos seems to be pretty easy, so here's one of the Desert Raider Jeep.

More to come ... 🐱


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Thanks for the warm welcome, Guys. Here's the link to the Nebelwerfer test. I'm still experimenting with fuse. I think this fuse has too much smoke. Eventually it will go on a base and using old taigen 1/16 electronics and an Estes model rocket engine igniter I'll be able to set the whole base on the battlefield and remotely launch the rockets.

If you watch on youtube and click on the name "Gary Hoff" it will take you to my home page and you can look around from there as you please. Lots of good videos there, including the 1/6 Hetzer build. I'm sure you guys will get tired of me bragging about how my Hetzer shoots .50 caliber paintballs from the main gun. Oh yeah, Hoff is not my real last name, it's just a pen name because I was paranoid about using my real name on a youtube channel. Lots of crazies out there, so why take a chance? :--D