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SdKfz 250 Project

Well, I'm back. Sorry for the delay. Have had a lot of personal issues to deal with. Did some work on the front. I'm not going to do a lot of work here other than what I have done. Some of the dimensions of my parts are off because this 250 is not 100% accurate so I just made them to fit.

Did some work for the track tension arms . I started out making a paper stencil of the tension arm cover. The little silver dots are press-on dots I use to simulate rivets or nuts. I only made the parts that are actually visible. I didn't make the complete back of the arms since they can't be seen, anyway.

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Just wanted to see what it all looked like so far. One thing I have learned is just how small and cramped this thing must have been!

I’m surprised no manufacturer has done the dual barrel case in 1/6th, curious, I had thought the dual barrel case opened very similar to the single barrel case, am I wrong about that, or are there different models of the case? Regardless, outstanding craftsmanship, beautiful details, this has been a great build to follow!!!

The duel barrel case was at one time sold by Panzerwerk, I made the master.
I still have the paper cut-outs I used. I can send them to you if you want them? Send me a PM with your address. I got the design from a Russian site where some guys are doing a restore of a 250. They posted a couple of good shots of these parts.
The obsession for perfect detail is most obvious here. Great work, will be a masterpiece when she's done, painted and detailed...thanks for sharing the progressive stages. Cheers, Steve
Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. The build is slowing down due to my wife's mother's ill health. She has heart issues. Her parents are in their mid 80's and live about 75 miles away. We go there quite often to take care of them.
The hinges came from:
John Desilits
They are 1/2" piano hinge. They come in 30" lengths. I purchased them a long time ago, but I think John stills sells them.