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YAS 06-06-2018 03:49 AM

About Prof.Sakai
I am Prof. Sakai's friend.
I will see his HP and FB. And write.
I participated in the event exhibition with him many times in the past.
Recently, I and he only meet once in a year of "Shizuoka Hobby Show".
Always, me and he are the same table.
His participation was the last day of the three days including preparation in 2018.
We talked for a day.

Over the last two years, complaints for him came to me from time to time on the net.
Every time I tell him the content.
Because he and I live far too far, I can not meet easily.
Me and he are about 160 kilometers away by car more than two hours.

He is not a bad person, but to fulfill his promise is very slow.
There is also an early period.
I ordered him "Sdkfz 250/3 Radio Set" three and a half ago (May 2014), and I paid him a fee.
But that item arrived at me in January 2018.
There is no doubt that he is lazy.
And he is a whim.
Many Japanese forgive his bad habits, but they are surprised.
There are a lot of Japanese who speak ill of him.
I am on his side. And I defend him.
I am also surprised by him.

He says as follows.

Last two years I had stopped my business by my private reason.
If you had claim, propose, complain about dealing while that period, you would send me mail please. orz

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