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Quick Bash - VF-17 Naval Aviator

I apologize for the crudeness of this bash, but sometimes you have to make do with what you can get. I was at the store today and saw the George Taylor figure. In some of the research I've done previously and looking at the books they had there, he didn't look too far off from a Naval Aviator, so I picked him up.

I think the gear for the most part was the same, there might have been some color variations (I think Naval Aviators had a tannish suit and flight helmet), but for the most part this is close. In the book I was looking at, the aviators carried revolvers in a shoulder holster. So I took one of my British revolvers and painted the handle so it looked woodish. Also, I noticed that most of them carried a Marine knife. So I nabbed it from my Marine sniper.

It's really a shame that BBi never released their Corsair pilot (even if he was a Marine) given that the Pacific is woefully underrepresented in 1/6. He looked like he could have been cool and I could have used him for a Naval Aviator since it was all the same gear. Anyways, enjoy.

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