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Re: SS Spiess, wearing a pea-dot tunic


Originally Posted by viaad View Post
Gary, it was your idea with the tunic that prompted some great replies and images!
I originally posted my question, with an idea i had where i was wondering, if it was possible that the green collar could be used with the pea dot uniform tunic. And i have been very pleasantly surprised at the response, especially with the photos, as i now have a lot of reference material.

Originally Posted by viaad View Post
I was looking at the tanker, When I saw the picture the first time I originally thought it was a wrap and now I'm thinking it's probably a tunic but with a green collar. Do you see what I'm talking about?

I have enlarged the photo of the tanker slightly, as i was aslo interested to find out if the jacket is either a tunic or a wrap. As the collar does look like it would possibly a Green one, based on the light sources and the dark even colour of the collar. Regarding the possiblity of it being a wrap, i have put some red lines in where i think the outline of the SS wrap is.

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