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Re: SAG 14th Anniversary

Originally Posted by tankfan0720 View Post
I don't know which is worse news - hearing this site is going down, or having to use FB. I can't find anything on FB, except what the daily post is by someone. But "everyone is using it" these days so I guess it is inevitable to be assimilated.

Would it be possible to make a better site if people chipped in a little? I'm not opposed to yearly dues in the $20-25 range.

I subscribe to RCscalebuilder, its an awesome site, its not FB format, its available to people worldwide. People pay ($20 yearly, $150 lifetime) to subscribe. Seems to keep it going.

Is there a definite "off line" date for SAG?

I've enjoyed this site.-Bob
We understand that many don’t use Facebook, but in a pinch it was easy to set up, we will also keep people updated on the Sixth Div as well should we go down, no def offline date but there is the need to prepare, as far as backing up data I personally have been printing up threads anc saving as .pdf’s, but beyond that I can’t say as we are unable to back the forum up as a whole. We are looking into Tapatalk and other platforms as an alternative
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