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M3 Halftrack Kit

Hi All,

Received one of Randy Killen's M3 halftrack kits and have been working on it for about a week or so. It is a preproduction kit, which is actually complete except for the instructions, which Randy is working on, and sends to me as he finishes the sections.

The kit has gone together very well, except for the times when I decide to continue without looking at the instructions, so I have had to drill out a few rivets and then re do. This has nothing to do with the engineering of the kit, only the enthusiasm of the builder, i.e. me.

I do have a Lincoln welder so, as I am sure that the build is going correctly, I then take the plunge and weld parts together. I haven't done any welding in a couple of years, so the welds are getting better as I regain skill. I'm sure that it isn't due to my hand being less steady than in days gone by.




I will post more photos as the build progresses. This kit should turn out to be a big hit. I also am looking forwards to seeing the build and weathering job that a person like Cory will do on this kit.

My goal is to later on build a second halftrack kit as an M-16, in the hopes that Dave Dibbs will have the quad-50's available for sale. Since it takes me awhile to build, Dave should have plenty of time to complete his masterpiece.

Rolling Thunder
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