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Lt. Craig

Lt. Craig

This is Dragon’s Lt. Craig basically out of the box. The only real change was the headsculpt replacement with the “Danny” head.

The 9th Infantry Division is your basic “meat and potatoes” infantry units from WWII. The 9th took part in the following campaigns:

Algeria-French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, North France, Rhineland Campaign, Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe

The division landed on Normandy Beach on D+4 fought into Cherborg, the break out, Fallaise and by wars end had fought into Germany.

The head sculpt is Dragon's "Danny" #140. The sculpt was stripped and repainted with oils, the eyes were done with acrylics, and pastels were used for shading.

The figure is a Dragon Neo that has been highly modified - slimmed and the joints opened up for articulation. The hands are from DID put on Dragon posts, repainted and weathered.

The uniform is straight from the original figure, I made the buttons on the M41 functional. Its not the best version of the US wool uniform but its not all bad either. The weqipment is all from the figure except the web belt which is from DID. The Dragon end clasp was used on the DID belt.

The helmet is DID over a Dragon liner, The chin strap was replaced and the helmet was weathered with enamils, acrylics and pastels.

The boots are from Battlegear Toys, the leggings are the ones that come with the figure and as usual they SUCK!!!! (why is it we can’t get decent fitting leggings just annoys the FUCK out of me!!!) The boots and leggings were weathered with acrylic paints.

All insignia is from CVI

The M1 Carbine was repainted using a modified version of MountainTroopers method. I modified the sling and added the lift dot.

The base was made with Celluclay and woodland sceenics grasses and bushes. I also put some leaves on it from a pair of punches using real leaf material. The 9th infantry pin was bought from amazon.

Jupiter, FL
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Hammer's Africaners
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Re: Lt. Craig

Sharp looking figure.

How are you doing your weathering on the uniforms?
Got to love those Africaners

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Re: Lt. Craig

Beautiful work! One of the nice releases from the Golden Age!
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Peter the painter
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Re: Lt. Craig

Great looking figure, very well weathered and presented.


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Re: Lt. Craig

Very good weathering effects all-round and nicely done in terms of pose, equipment/uniform config and base - classic U.S. Army officer. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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Re: Lt. Craig

You've done that classic figure justice
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Re: Lt. Craig

So good! The repainted sculpt is superb. You really brought this one to life. Excellent work
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Panzercommander HOH
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Re: Lt. Craig

Great job, Hank!

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