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"..That Crazy Indian.."

Hello Guys

Here's something i did recently and figured i'd post it for the anniversary of D-DAY today June 6th. As always i pick up inspiration from the books i have been reading. Read several books on the Filthy Thirteen and their heroic actions during the Normandy campaign. I was inspired to look more closely at one of the members in this famed Demolition Team. . This individual struck a chord with me right away as there were similarities between us. He's name was Miguel "Mike" Marquez and he was a demo expert just like Jake McNiece and the rest of the Filthy Thirteen. i took several liberties in my depiction in this small diorama of mine. Although it was Jake McNiece and Jack Agnew who detonated the explosives on the Douve River on D-Day, Mike Marquez was in the thick of it collecting TNT for Jake and providing covering fire with Jack's Springfield rifle, i went ahead and made him the one turning the detonator in my small Dio as he was also trained to do the same job as Jake, Jack and the rest of the team, if need be. An artistic license if you wil on my part..Anyways here's;

A small tribute to

The Filthy Thirteen and
Miguel "Mike' Marquez

Ready for the boom!

1st Demolition Section
Regimental Headquarters Company
506th Parachute Infantry
101st Airborne Division

Here is a photo of the late Miguel Mike Marquez and his brother, who also served in the 101st.

and the excellent book i referenced along with the others out there on the Filthy thirteen

thanks for looking
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Kev Longino
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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

That is simply outstanding.
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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Perfect for today! Just watched the d-day episode of BOB celebrate, and came back to find this. Great job, and very well put together. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Absolutely magnificent work Miguel top to bottom a pure piece of 1/6th art!
Loving all those lovely little details- seems you see something new with every look!

Jupiter, FL
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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Amazing work Miguel! The figure and base are outstanding and the I love your references! Great stuff!


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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Wow...that is simply superb in every regard, definitely one of those times where words fail me. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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Panzercommander HOH
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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Nicely done, Miguel - absolutely love his pose on the base!

You nailed the look!

Love the Springfield as well - and like that we saw at least one D-Day post this year!

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Re: "..That Crazy Indian.."

Amazing figure. Superb detail. The head sculpt and hands are awesome. Just wish there was more to the dio- what is he blowing up!

Fantastic work.
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