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The Cooler Member and Commercial Unfair Trading & Business Practices

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War4--Charles Guria from New York City

I posted this on the 6th Division as well.

**EDIT--what gets me is he is an attorney and KNOWS what can happen to him IF this was pursued legally...Charles, just respond. You have not refunded me nor have you sent out the packages. Please do not make me do what I think I must do in the end.****

Thought I would post here as well because you can never be too careful:

Ok. I hate to do this. I have bought items from this guy going back to 2002. Every time has been AOK. With the exception of this one. I know that 1 deal may not "hurt" anyone with so much positive feedback but I am not out 33.75 USD and while it may not be much to anyone it is to me.

On 24 June 2009 I sent 33.75 via Paypal to Charles for some items I wanted. I asked for a "status check" on the package on 16 July. His response was that it may have been an over sight on his part. I again asked status on 22 July and he said that he was out of town until 26 July but he woudl get it out that monday (27 July I think). On 1 August I again asked the status of my items. He replied with the following:

I don't know why you didn't get the package. I am putting together another package for you from my own collection (since I keep multiples) and a replacement envelop will go out by Monday. It should have everything you originally ordered. If you ultimately end up getting two packages I trust you that we can work things out. Charles

The same day he "noticed" the Paypal dispute I opened. He asked:

"I got a notice today that you opened up a dispute with Paypal. Do you want a refund or the items? Charles"

I replied in an email : I would really like the items if that is ok with you. Been looking forward to getting them. But if you feel a refund is in order then that would be up to you I guess.

His reply on the same day was this:

"No. I was going to send the items out tomorrow but I wasn't sure if you still wanted them since the dispute was filed. Charles"

Ok fine, I am now getting them or so he says.

On 7 August I sent this email (This was the following Friday, 5 days after he "promised" to get the items to me.

"charles, today is friday and still nothing. Can u advise please. Paul"

His reply:

Paul, While you said you wanted the items and not a refund the dispute froze my Paypal account and would not allow me to do any business until I sent you a refund (I sent you an email about this on 8/4). I had to make a payment using my debit card to resolve the dispute before I could do anything else. Since I had to refund the money I asked you in the email of 8/4 what we were going to do (if you were going to resent payment etc). Please check you account to verify that the money was returned. Charles "

I have not receieved any email to any of my email accounts that he is aware of. I have not been refunded any money from him as of today 15 August 2009. The money has never been returned at all. I have not yet receieved any items nor will I be holding my breath on that either. To me my money has been stolen from me. If he does read this, please either refund my money or send the items. Either way I willl not deal with him again. Ever. Heck of a way to be taken, by someone who I have dealt with time and time again....
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Re: War4--Charles Guria from New York City

Just to add a note on this guy: he won an ebay auction of mine a few months ago, and sent an e-check through Paypal...which bounced. I gave him one more chance to pay me, but had some excuse about his bank troubles. My guess is he wanted me to ship the stuff before his check cleared, which ain't gonna happen. Long story short, I canceled the transaction and re-posted my auction. Seller beware...
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Re: War4--Charles Guria from New York City

what is his ebay username? We can block him from bidding on our items.
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