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Building/Structure question

I have been reading and checking out the pictures of the projects everyone here is doing and I must say it has inspired me to step up and try something new. That being said I want to attempt to make a decent 1/6 building. I have a couple ideas in mind but what I need help with is what is the best material to use for it. I have heard a few things and it seems that the styrofoam house insulation keeps popping up. Any suggestions would be welcome before I tackle this
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I would recommend woodboard - for several reasons:

styroform breaks easyly - several types of glue and paint will dissolve it and its rather hard to make it bond well with other materials.

woodborad on the other hand can be used with all other kinds of materials.
The down side is that its a bit heavy and that moving it around can be cumbersome.
But in the long run I'm sure you will be glad that you build it in sturdy materials.

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This is a building dio I finished recently (it's of a crew room for my glider pilots, at an RAF Station in England, March 1945):

Another showing the exterior:

And then at an early stage of construction:

For the base I used what in the UK we call MDF - a fibre-board as it's heavy and flat both contributing to stability. I then added a structure and walls using balsa wood. The advantages of balsa above the floor line are that it is light weight and easy to work with - a downside is that its going to be more expensive. The room has cavity walls which means realistic thickness without additional weight but perhaps more importantly that things like the wiring for light fittings etc can be hidden away; also, as is suggested by the early stage photo, door openings etc can be cut out with a craft knife after basic assembly, giving the opportunity to have a play with the positioning of figures etc before committing to the door etc location. Once the structure was complete, the interior walls were 'plastered' with the adhesive/grout used for bathroom and kitchen tiling which was subsequently painted for effect.

I'm working on another building at the moment which will have three levels and am using the same techniques.
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Emergency Ian
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Wow, Woodlander, that's one helluva nice RAF station! I love that first picture!!!

- Ian
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Johnny Canuck
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Don't discount Styrofoam. It depends on the type you use. Pvt. Snafu uses Pink styrofoam for everything from tanks to buildings. Works easy and is lightweight.

Here are a couple of his pieces.

The 88 A/T and the house are Pink Styrofoam.

The German Field Kitchen.

The Opel Blitz and the Pzkw III in the background.

The Bren Carrier.


25pdr Field Gun

Generel Specific made some building pieces and a bunker out of Blue Styrofoam. So anyone can do it! LOL

So I'd say don't discount all styrofoams. The white pebbly stuff is crap, but the pink and blue definitely have their uses.

Johnny Canuck

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Thanks EmergencyIan - the first photo was taken in darkness bar the light from the dio - glad you liked!

Great dio shots & scratchbuilt items there JohnnyCanuck!
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