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Out of Theater Operations Showcase of 1:6 Projects Not Pertaining to WWII

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AN PRC-10 Radio DIY(WIP, for Korean War Operator)

Inspired from Norman Fell's role in "Pork Chop Hill", he's the radio operator who carried the AN PRC-10 radio. I think AN PRC-10 was the post-WW2 radio which used in Korean War and early stage of vietnam War. It's replaced by AN PRC-25/77.

Since I don't have a real radio nor the dimension measurement, I only can say its proportion is close to a real one but not the exact 1/6 scaled-down. The white digit something on the panel is another limitation that I cant' finish(Nor did DML's PRC-25). BBI's SCR-300 at least was far better on this issue.

Anyway, it might be the first 1/6 AN PRC-10 on this board(the world? good guess)...

I sacraficed one DML PRC-25 for careful cutting all the buttons and used here, should worth. The rest are pile of plastic board.

The rest I need to finish:

1. Antenna(a plastic strip should work)
2. Hand set(simply use the PRC-25's item)
3. Back cushion(should be easy to me)
4. M1945 Suspender(easy but tedious)
5. Belt(not decided yet to use regular one or create a special one shown here)

I have thought about using Bradon Chase because his open mouth. Not decided yet if I want to build the M1952 Body Armor again with tiny zipper, just like my 52' Marine.

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Nice, Chung! Very original.
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Is there ANYTHING you can't build, lol? I think this is just fantastic!! After reading this, I pulled out my 1/6 PRC25 and realized that at this age, I can barely see the knobs - never mind trying to cut them off without messing them up.

When I was in basic training, the "Prick Ten" was still being used. Then - along came the "Prick Twenty Five". What a difference. On the PRC10 - it was not easy to tune to the desired frequency - you had to "roughly" tune the frequency; then fine tune by listening for the zero beat. With the newer PRC25, all you did was turn the knobs to the desired frequency. Nowdays that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was.

But the biggest break through on the PRC25 was its ability to communicate on all three radio bands - armor, artillery and infantry. Hard to believe today, but the PRC10 would only transmit and receive on the frequency bands allocated to the infantry. An infantry unit sitting next to supporting tanks could not talk to those tanks, via radio.

As for the small white lettering on the radio, you may be lucky. There is a company that makes rub-on lettering for modellers (I can't remember the name, but I'll look it up). Hopefully, you will be able to buy small enough letters to put the lettering on your 1/6 radio

Once again - GREAT custom item. We already know you are going to scratchbuild GREAT webbing, etc. I can hardly wait to see the finished

ADDED LATER: OK, boys and girls, as promised: The company that makes GREAT rub-on transfer lettering (for 1/35) is Archer Fine Transfers at This stuff is made for 1/35; but it works very well for 1/6.

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