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A preview of the Type 222 armored vehicle and the Marder-III H


I recently built the full structure 222 and the Marder-III H, which have been completed, first post some photos without camouflage aging



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Impresionante trabajo.... Como siempre.... Me encantaría ver fotos de cómo se hizo.
Felicitaciones, hermosos vehículos.
Habrá una oportunidad. Guardé algunas fotos del proceso de producción para poder enviarlas después
Magnificient builds. I suspect the 222 would be much lighter than the Taowan release many years ago. Wish I had the skill, let alone the garage space, to build such. Thanks for sharing, Steve
One of the main reasons I built the 222 was to reduce the weight, but due to the addition of the internal structure, the actual weight of the 222 is about the same as that of TAOWAN's 222, and the weight reduction plan failed, of course, without the internal structure, its theoretical weight is 5 kg