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Hello Everybody I'm trying to fix an RC stuart Tank


Greetings I've been away for many years, right now I am trying to fix a 21st Century Stuart RC tank. Actually I have 2 of them, I am pretty sure the rechargable batteries went bad. Does anybody here have advice on what to use for a battery, it would be nice if it would be compatible with the 21st century recharger,
I have seen these batteries at my local Lowes and have thought of getting one to see if it works.
It 'looks' right. 12 volt, 7+ Ah.

I buy branded replacement batteries for my UPS units off of Amazon because I don't trust the heap batteries to protect expensive equipment. They look the same but I do not really know if there are technical differences.

The same battery is used in my megawatt spotlight I got at Costco years ago. They are a very universal design.

If you do get it at Lowes you might be able to return it more easily if it doesn't work in the Stuart. Or even better, bring the Stuart into Lowes and try it there. I bet that would be fun :P

I don't ones like the
Any of those are the correct battery, 12 volt 7 amp-hour. If it still doesn't work, check the main on/off switch that it operates properly

The easy way to check if the battery works, assuming you don't have a volt meter is to use a 12 volt automotive light bulb connected to the terminals. Of course assuming the bulb works.
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I ordered a battery from Amazon and it worked on one of the tanks. It seems that the Battery is a very common type which was great for me.