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Hell's Grannies Berlin 1945

Johnny Canuck

Battalion Commander
The war has finally ended, but not the suffering.
As the hallows eve approaches Death is again preparing to rise from
the depths of depravity to ravage the mortal world with her ranks of evil


For months now the Grime Reaper has encouraged a state of anarchy in
the capital of the defeated Reich.


Her minions loaf about, antagonizing the locals and basically making a
nuisance of themselves.


The little old ladies idle around sipping their tea and leaving soggy tea
bags littering the streets.


The locals have begun referring to this scourage as "Hell's Grannies".
They roar around town leaving mayhem and destruction in their wake.


All manner of riff raff become followers of these social undesirables and
PS It's HOG, but not literally



As the city which had survived the final years of the war virtually
untouched due to some excellent camoflage, descends into kaos. The
military authorities are finally preparing to react.


The situation is becoming impossible for the average Berliner, to walk
the streets is to run the guantlet of abuse that these old ladies dishes out.


The Grannies consume their tepid tea and then commence too wreak
havoc on the unfortunate locals.


Garrison HQ has finally issued orders to halt these old ladies and put an
end to thier lawlessness.


But in the finest military tradition the message gets pretty SNAFU'd by
the time it reaches 3rd CID.
What started out as:
Send in the a brigade from 3rd Canadian Infantry Division to qwell the
riots. Use codename Operation Cricket Bat and all divisional assets are
to be made available for your use. Recall code is Candy, mission
completion will be signalled by Destroy. Specify the place from which this
message is sent.

Ended up as:
Send in a Canadian. Use Cricket Bat and Candy. Destroy the place.


Well as ordered the Canadian put an end to the Hell's Grannies
shinanigans and then proceeded to totally level the place. When the
mistake was finally recognized early in the morning, it was to late, 75%
of Berlin had been leveled. The Canadian was quite relieved and went
for a breakfast of bacon, eggs and a pair of toasts.


The Grime Reaper was caught completely off guard by the lone
Canadian's assualt, while GR was distracted Arch Angel Gabrialla put a
silver slug into Deaths side.


The Reaper screamed like a banshee as she exploded in rage. Foiled
again she returns to Hades. She vows to return!


Well the mortal world has been saved again, or well most of it anyways.
We blamed the Ruskies for the damage.
After 63 years the events of October 31, 1945 have finally been put right.

Johnny Canuck and the Ottawa 1/6th guys.