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Its been a while! Body Reccomendations


Hey guys,
Just come back after a 12 year absence! Can believe the last I logged in was 6/9/10.
Anyways I'm slowly getting back into the hobby and I have loads of uniforms stored up from the early days. Cant believe how pricy things are now, and sad to see DML have gone under pretty much.
Anyways, Im after good cheap bodies and heads. a lot o my DML figures are failing at the joints due to brittle plastic som I'm trying to preserve them the best I can, and also get some of the stored uniforms on display.
It seems most of the bodies now are based on hot toys?
Can anyone help?

Many thanks!
Welcome back !! Glad to hear your interest in 1/6th has returned. And yes, prices are steep. Cyber-Hobby has been offering old sets, less bodies, called Action sets: https://www.cyber-hobby.com/collections/1-6 , not the cheapest, but at least you can get stuff you may need or missed out on.

As for bodies, been staying with DML types. I search loose part dealer, e-bay or trade with other 1/6th'ers. I haven't had to many bodies break apart. Shelf drivers mostly. One real issue with body part failures, have been the wrist joint breaking where the hand is pinned thru. Repaired most by using epoxy putty and shaping a new wrist joint. Been working pretty good.

ZYtoys may be one to check out. They offer figures with different heights. Seem to run $20-to-$25 US$. Some versions have a DML neck post.

Glad to see your return here