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My latest LARGE project!


HI, I'm new here so I thought I would start a thread on my latest project, it's a two story house that measures 28X33 inches and is 4 foot tall, I built it in three section or I'd never be able to move it around,or work on the roof.
The house is based off a much larger house in the Black forest, which gave me some really good pictures to use for inspiration.
All of the wood was ripped on a table saw from scrap 2X4's that I salvaged from a dumpster at a construction site, so the only cost was paint and pin nails and the roof shingles, I'm only into it couple hundred bucks, since I'm retired I don't count my time,I've been working on it almost every day for at least a couple of hours a day since the middle of July!
Now that it is done I need to set up the third section of my extensive man cave just so I have some place build the diorama table that will include this house, a garage and down the line a water powered saw mill, also in the Black Forest!
The interior is fully fitted as well! I did a quick scene to show the bathroom! Everything in it is Barbie,except the shelves next to the toilet which didn't make it into the final design.
Very detailed diorama accessory, you can see how much of a space taker one excellent building can be from the Tiger Turret just next door to it!
Yes the Tiger bunkers were at the training ground, I have seen a picture of a pair of them they look impressive, nice work on yours…I believe they were off Tigers damaged beyond repair hence the unit numbers…
My bunker is set up like the ones the German spread all over their retreat path, they were delivered in three sections, the lower section is housing, it has bunk beds, a coal stove and a generator, with blast doors, the middle section held ammo and the mechanics for rotating the turret, I found a couple of really good pictures of ones the allies captured but I finally found a set of blue prints!
Ah have you the photos of the Turmstellung using Tiger turrets along the frontline I would love to see them, I have not seen Tiger turrets used on them outside of the training ground they seemed to have Panther or earlier model turrets only…
I fudged just a little on that fact, I had the tiger turret not a Panther turret, but so far no one that has seen it in person knew the difference so it looks good without being 100% accurate!
I started doing a little ground work around the house and decided I needed some steps, so Christmas day I went out and built some steps,I'll probably do stone at a later date but for now these will work.