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Need WWII German Heer radio references


Any books or websites that deal with the German communications equipment, its specific uses and details, would be greatly appreciated :p

Danke, meine Funkers!
Thanks for the tip! Sadly, it's sold out everywhere. :shock:

If anyone knows of a copy in stock somewhere, PLMK!
THANKS for the offer! Im not really sure what to call the exact set up, but it's the wireless that came with DID's SS latest pair, Dennis and Matthias. I need details on how it is set up - i.e. - what plugs into where, and who used it, at which point in the communication chain was it issued, i.e., Kompanie to Abteilung level, similar to the US SCR 300? I assume it was used in Infantry companies, not just, say, in the Nachrichten units. What is it called exactly?
Hammer you Rock bro, LA6NA http://www.laud.no/ww2/ oldie but greatie.... been super busy with work and searching for me books on Funker gear, haven't forgotten about this tho, any info yet on radio set model number? Not familiar with the DiD releases, a picture of radio set will do tho :!:

That's all the info they had in "Wireless for Wehrmacht in detail" on the Torn Fu b1, if you need any info or pic's of wireless accessories more than happy to share...now that I found my book lol :!:
Danke Meine Herrn!

I just got a copy of this French book by Heimdal:


It has large color photos of every radio set used by the Wehrmacht, including the Kriegsmarine. 240 pages, color photos every device. with some BW shots of manuals and use in wartime service. Even has wiring schematics. French and English captions throughout. It also has a valuable glossary of German radio terms.

Expensive, rare, but worth it. I thought that some of the photos could have been a bit sharper, considering the format.