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New member


Hi Folks, I was told by a member at another sight that you guys might be a little more interested in some of my projects then the other sight, they are more concerned with dressing up dolls, but to me they are background material for my projects!
My wife and I live in extreme northern Arizona, in a super tiny town called Fredonia, 1500 people, I have four grown daughters, and besides 1/6th scale I also collect full size WW2 equipment, I just recently sold my M2A1 White half-track, but I have a small museum of smaller stuff.
I started collection 1/6th about 10 years ago when I bought one of those off scale half-tracks, but it came with some Dragon soldiers and once I saw them I was hooked, I sold off my life time collection of HO scale train stuff and started building up my 1/6th collection.
I found out very quickly that it takes a lot more space, my original man cave was a 10X50 mobile home I drug down to our property, then I added a 12X12 addition onto the backside but that filled up as well, a friend in town had a 14X70 single wide that had a fire in the center section that they needed to have hauled off, so I drug it down, I ended up cutting 16 feet out of the center and pushing the ends together then I pulled it out behind the first trailer, that was good for a while but the first trailer was old and the roof leaked no matter what I did, then a couple years afterward the same friend gave me another 14X70 trailer, this one they were living in but they wanted to start building a house were it sat, so the old trailer came out and the second big one went in, but then I came to my current project and I realized once again I was running out of space, another friend runs a trailer court in town and they had to evict someone so he broke out all the windows of a 12X60 and since it's too old to move anyplace in town they said I could have it as well, it's down here but not set up yet,I have to finish my current project.
My current project is a two story home, it has a small foot print since it had to be movable which is why I made it 2 stories, it is built to building codes of 75 years ago, all 2X4 construction with clapboard siding on the ground floor and board and batten upstairs, it is based on a real house in the black forest of Germany, just much compressed! This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago, it was the first time it was stacked, it is fully trimmed and painted now with just a few details left to finish.
I'll start another thread with some of my other large projects. Bob.
¡¡¡¡Guau!!!! 1500 un pueblo super pequeño??? Vivo en un pueblo de 460 habitantes.
y los de mi esposa cuando la conocí eran 13 hoy 6!!!!..... Bienvenidos!!! 😂😂😂😁
Great story of 1/6th scale hobby discovery. It does indeed take up a bit more room than HO trains :P
Great looking building. That is quite some craftsmanship :!:
Thanks vanguard! This only the latest of my projects,I also have a garage I built so I thought it was time too build a house for it!
Eventually, when I get the third trailer set up, the house and garage will be display on a very large platform.
When I was gathering photos for the house I found some pictures of a small sawmill in the same valley that the house is in, that will probably be one my next projects!
Welcome! I've watch you building this house on another board, and I've got to say, it's a pretty awesome undertaking.

Glad to have a new member here.
Thanks! It is getting close to being finished, I have a lot of small detail work to do, I'll post a picture of the finished product soon!
That house is very cool. I think you'll find plenty of cool project and vehicles on this site. You need some tanks and vehicles running around that house!
Thanks tankfan! Now that the house is finished I will start setting up my next trailer, this house will be part of a much larger diorama, on a platform only a couple feet off the floor instead of my standard 3 foot level, it will not only include the house but a garage and most likely a water powered saw mill and of corse a section of road so I can park the Sherman out front.
When I went to 1/6th I went in deep!
A local grocery store was updating theirs and she told me once they were done I could pick through and take what I wanted, I grabbed a full truck load of shelves, but the uprights are harder to find, I just screw them into studs, problem is is that there are two different types that don't interchange so you have to watch, but they are very handy!
Welcome to the group. The building looks great and so does the man cave. Sometimes I think that it would have been wiser to have gotten into a hobby with a smaller scale, but the 1/16th scale tanks didn't do anything for me, and other scales can't beat the 1/6 scale figures and accessories. Looking forward to seeing other creations from you.

It's a lot of fun to find others in the hobby that are in driving distance and to plan a get together with a theme for a diorama photo shoot. I haven't been able to arrange or be part of one for quite awhile. You may want to post a listing to do one in your area. Some of the best I've seen was done by Cory Lord, he's located in the southeast, thought I don't recall which state. I want to say North Carolina, but may be wrong.

Thanks, It good to find a group that does more then just figures, yes I have them but they are just additions for the larger dioramas!
I wish there were people interested in 1/6th anywheres close to me, as far as I know I'm the only one within 3 hours,I'm sure there is someone in Las Vegas, but I stay away from it if at all possible!