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Opel Blitz RC conversion


Hi this thread is for RC conversion of a Frank Wang Opel truck. The truck is static but all steel. I've always wanted an RC version. Using 1/8 scale truck parts from Veroma Modellbau: https://www.veroma-modellbau.eu/

Replacing front axles:

Lovely axle and springs from Veroma:

Test fit of rear axle:

Images of stock truck

More progress hopefully soon....
Very nice work. If you don't mind could you let me know where these parts are located on the Veroma website.I'm finding it difficult to navigate and would like to do an RC conversion to a WC-52

thanks for any help
Hello Leonard,
First in upper right corner convert page to English


Note these are not 1/6 scale! The 1/8 axles they offer just happen to be nearly the right size for a 1/6 Opel truck. I got lucky. Their prices aren't exactly cheap but the quality is excellent. :shock:

Good luck!
Like you´r work tankfan , two off those picture is mine Opel :brit_bigeyes:
Will follow this close. Let me know what you use for parts :wink:
Howdy B

THanks for the help with the parts website. Their parts are not cheap but looks to be a lot better than trying to convert Tamiya off road car parts. What motor will you be using to power the truck?

Seeing your build is inspiring me to get to work with the WC-52 conversion.

Faulkner - apologies for not giving credit to your photos! :mad: I didn't want to post your name, but hopefully no harm done.

I'm using Veroma truck parts in 1/8 scale - link in my first post. Some custom brackets for their parts need to be made as well as modify the front wheel wells so the wheels can steer. So far so good. This truck is a pretty good base for RC.

Leonard - no its not an inexpensive venture. The truck itself is $1300 delivered to US. About the same as Metalbox Opel truck. No 1/6 project is ever inexpensive. The truck is all steel and pretty heavy ~15lbs (30 kilo) so needs a pretty heavy duty motor. I'm using the same motors in my printed Hetzer. Tamiya stuff is too small and too light weight for this project.

I'm going to start with this 12V motor: They are relatively cheap and geared properly:

The Veroma rear axle is a 3:1 reduction so this should make about 200 rpm at the rear wheels - hopefully "about right".

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Howdy Bob

I"ve converted the 21st Century Patton to RC as well as a few jeeps, and even using Tamiya and other such parts, it easily gets to $600 for the jeeps and higher for the trucks per conversion. I"m glad to see what you are doing with the Opel, as I have a WC-52 that is metal and heavy and have wanted to make it RC for a long time. The truck is also heavy and didn't see Tamiya or other rock crawler parts as viable for the conversion.

Your build is the way for me to go with the WC, and like I said earlier, it is inspiring me to proceed with the conversion.

Leonard do you have RC axles for your WC? That will be the difficult part of that conversion.

Axial just came out with 1/6 scale Jeep crawlers (SX6) and these would make great axles for a RC conversion - if you can find replacement parts. Or perhaps a ROC hobby Jeep axle? Or you can always scratch build axles, not impossible but a bit of engineering required.

I'd like a Dodge RC Ambulance - but that's a distant future project.

Howdy Bob

Was able to find the Roc Hobby Jeep front axles on FMS Direst. but haven't found the rear axles. Didn't know about the new Axial SCX6, 1/6 scale jeeps. The price at horizon is a little steep at $ 1,099, though it would be a complete package for use with the WC-52 conversion and would probably save a lot of time from working with parts from different brands. Over the weekend will see if I can find the SCX6 specifications and then compare to whats needed for the WC-52.

Looking forward to seeing video or your Opel.
Yeah Leonard the price of SX6 is a bit steep. Looks like on Axial webpage the SX6 parts are available - but it takes a while to separate them from all the other parts (1/10, 1/24) etc. If one could get the axles they would make good small truck axles. Usually the ROC hobby parts are all together on Aliexpress, but they may be sold out. For a while you could find both front and rear axles and tires.
Few more pictures of axles with tires. Tires are also from Veroma.

Front axle:

Rear axle:

Both axle on frame:

Till next time,
Anthony (warriorant) thanks for peeking in. Good to know you're still out there. Do you still have any AT tanks - remembering your Panther from "way back"?

Squidley - Thanks they are gorgeous parts - almost too pretty to paint. I may use my 3D printed rims and AT tires as they are a bit more scale. But the Veroma parts are nearly bolt on perfect.

More soon,
best regards,
Hi Bob,

No, not any more but like to call in from time to time to see what's going on. I might get back into it once I retire but haven't got any spare time right now. I've always liked the Opel Blitz and owned an RC Scratch built one a few years ago. Wasn't the most accurate but good fun towing the Pak 40.

Thanks Antony
I cannot top azazel526 builds but a little progress on my Blitz conversion. The rear is a little saggy due to the 3D printed springs giving out. They are just for fit check and sizing...

Some side glam shots....

P47 eye - view:

Front end suspension:

Rear axle:

My 3D printed resin front rims. Look good, well see how they hold up!

Body mount:

Till next time.....
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Inching closer to driving test. Got the suspension and axles mounted. Motor is ready to install. Battery box is 3D printed and has fake spare tire that helps hide it. Access battery by hole in load bed. All up weight is nearly 20bs (9kg). Nice thing about 1/6 scale is there is plenty of room for electronics. :amer_ohwell:

Battery box

Till next time..