• Pardon the dust while the boys rebuild the site.

    The board will be in a state of disarray as I get things sorted out, for a little while at least.

    The new incarnation is using Xenforo as the system software. It is much like what we are used to, with a few differences. I will see about making a FAQ to help point out the differences for the members.


    One IMPORTANT difference for all of us old timers is that the 'mail' system is replaced with what are called 'conversations'/

    There is no 'Inbox' or 'Out box' or 'Sent' folders anymore.

    Think of Conversations as private 'threads' or topics that don't exist in a forum, that you start with another member. NOTE: Conversations can include more than one member if you or someone else in the conversaion, likes.
    Takes a little getting used to but I am sure you all can get a hang of it.


    Only a slightly modified default default Xenforo style is available for now. Once the new SAG style is ready it will be available.

    All existing users should be able to login with their usernames and passwords once the site goes up.


    If anyone has difficulties logging in please contact me at sixthvanguard@gmail.com.


    Thank you for your support and patience. I know it has been a loooong road.

Post any comments, observations, issues... whatever you like ... about the new board here

Sixth Army Commander

Staff member
Keep in mind the board is not setup 100% yet, but please go ahead and reply in this thread with anything you would like to mention about the new board.

For example, if you have trouble with attaching images to posts, or can't find X (whatever 'X' may be). Or you don't like the trophy system (it is a trivial piece of fluff that comes with the system so I left it on)
Things I am working on as a priority;

  1. Figuring out how best to get the awards and ribbons back for everyone. There is no direct replacement for the old award system, so figuring that out.
  2. Creating a new SAG style for the board.
  3. Replacing hot linked images with SAG hosted versions (reclaiming photobucket images for example)
Will add more as suggestions come in