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TC & C Steering question


Platoon Leader
This question is directed at Steve but also to anyone that has finished their SdKfz 250.

This weekend I broke down and built the 250. The packaging, materials everything was perfect with the exception of the directions. They are absolultely awful. There was almost no flash and everything fit very well except....

Has anyone had trouble connecting the steering wheel rod to the suspension crossmember? Mine does not even line up.

Secondly, how do you install the fenders before or after you install the top hull? If you install the fenders first, you cannot reach the screws securing the top hull.

THis thing is beautiful but please help with these two minor details.
First reports are the instructs are a bit hazy in some areas. Hopefully 250 owners can take some illustrated tutorials to your questions and others and we can start categorizing them in the Training Center forum as well to enhance existing instructs.
the steering is easy if you put the front end on right , if you look throught the hole in the bottom of the hull , you should be able to see the 2 guides on the tie rod arm for the steering , if not its on wrong , second , the steering rod gets hooked throught the hole inbetween the to guide's on the tierod , and then it should just lie right on the steering mount . i will have to take pics of this on the next one i put together for more clarification .

the fenders were a bad engineering problem , the best you can do is this , screw on the very first of the fender tabs to the hull , only the fist on each side , then screw the hull together , you have to carefully bend the fenders away from the hul to screw the hull together , then you can screw the rest of the fender tabs from the inside of the fighting compartment , with a stubby crewdriver , one tab is impossible to screw when assembeling the kit as its supposed to be , dont worry about , one's no big deal . i hope this helps

on the steering , make sure the cross member is not on upside down !
Thanks Steve, Your suggestion regarding the fender makes complete sense. I was so frustrated that I called Cory and ordered another one. I will rebuild the steering. I know that it must be something simple.

Thanks again,


I just got mine and tossed together in about two hours except for the hull halves. The steering was tough until I just tossed the directions to the side and after that I figured it out on my own. It's actually pretty easy to build. I have one of those small ratchet screw drivers I'll use to get at the hull screws. You could always use on of those flex shaft drivers. I think this kit was originally meant to be factory assembled so I don't thing it's a bad engineering thing just not meant to be built as a kit.

This kit is A1 in my book. It wasn't as big as I thought which is a good thing. LOL Now that I have it together I have to figure out what I'm going to add to it.

Does anyone know what the two 1" slots are for in the rear and front of the top of the hull?