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DiD making nebelwerfer!

Kev Longino

I have just seen this on the DiD site - looks as if these guys are very serious about 1/6 scale!! I want one -NOW!!

...more pics at...
DiD site

Also says it is limited to 120 pieces for the AWH2005 show, as this is a show exclusive.

I wonder if a non-show exclusive will see the light of day. I'm very interested, but if it is all metal, I am sure it will be heavy to ship. Still, nice to see someone produce a small, crew-served weapon.
I'd really like one, but I doubt I will be able to get one at only 120 pieces. Hopefully, they will offer a general release version soon. If they don't I suspect that DML will be posting a silhouette of one soon and is will be a general release. Frick and Frack are already hinting at something.
:-P The pissing contest they have going is GREAT for us. THIS is why we MUST have competition. I hope this one-upmanship continues looooong after their respective shows.

:shock: Holy Guacamole!!!!! Being a rocketman I love nebelwerfers!!!! I hope these become general release after WOH. Too cool!!!
I hope that someone will offer one in a general release format.
I can't help but wonder how they arrived at a number of 120 pieces to be available for the show.
This is on my list of things I'd kill for. I'm 99% sure I can't make WOH this year. Anyone willing to pick one up for me?
150 pcs , forget it , it will be a fortune i bet , i wish i could afford to injection mold one of these baby's
As this one is winter-camouflaged, I'll bet that a general release one will be non-winter, perhaps with a figure with the correct color waffenfarbe!

I guess I'm an optimist... :S
yes wayne they used them , alot , i think they were a civilian type wheel , but they were very common on nebelwerfers, also on some of the strange taperbore guns and moutain howitzers .
I keep telling myself that all these fantastic pieces being produced for the WoH and Expo will come out as general releases - but surely the level of detail and work that has gone into this nebelwerfer could never be recouped by only selling 120 of them? As someone said earlier I would expect a general release version , without the snow camo (please,please,please!) :cool:
since this is a all metal piece , there may be no "molds" per say and thier for no cost to recoup then the original manufacturing cost and therefore possibly no gereral release , i could be wrong , i hope im wrong .