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DiD making nebelwerfer!

Very, very cool piece!!! I am hoping it's a limited edition just to test the waters to see how a piece like this would go over. A much better choice than theiir Berlin roof-top-corner (still a cool idea). I am sure this will sell out fast and hopefully we'll see a nonwinter regular release.
since merrit distributes the 37mm pak, didnt the same modeler make a nebelwerfer? could it be THAT model, manufactured en mass?
the merit gun was originaly made by Tad Burland , as far as i know ,unless he hid it from me last time i was at his house , has never made a Nebelwerfer.
I would like to think that Steve is wrong on this, but, he makes perfect sense of it.

I DO hope that this may be a "marketing" test or whatever you would call it. I am sure that at 120 pieces, it will go very fast.

AS far as a Puppchen is concerned, that would be a nice addition to the artillery pieces that are available to us (hopefully NOT in a limited run of pieces though)
The guys who get one will probably be able to tell if it's likely a general release version is coming. If the bulk of the parts are die cast I would think it will happen. But if it's not, well I wouldn't expect to see them real soon at my local hobby shop.
On these cast metal weapons the production cost is far less than injection molding. It'll be shame if this is a limited release item. A lot of die cast items have been coming out of China the last ten years so this promises to be sweet. Maybe big D also has an injection molded one on the horizion and hence the limited release to beat them to the punch.