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Mike Stannard - Rest Well

I am in shock and saddened to hear this news. Mike's quality and attention to detail were second to none. Outstanding researcher and craftsman. Rest in peace.

This is very sad news, Mike was a true craftsman and will be missed.
I don't mean to sound horrible, but does anyone know what will happen with outstanding orders and money paid up?
I don't mean to sound horrible, but does anyone know what will happen with outstanding orders and money paid up?

Right now from what I can tell , your out your money and no parts will be sent to you , sorry , think about if you died today and what outstanding business will not be finished in your life , Mike did not know he was going to die and leave you without your toys or money , if its that important you can probably file a claim against Mikes Estate for your money , but will probably cost more in legal fees then its worth .
This is sad news, Mike was a real gentleman and a true Master Craftsman.
This hobby has lost a true One Sixth Icon.
He will be greatly missed.

I just was talking with a friend this last Friday about Mikes work and wanting to sell his business and my friend was interested in possibly buying it and had asked me to contact Mike about it.

It's a shame to see Mike's work and efforts disappear.

You will be sorely missed my friend. :(

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This is another big blow to the 1/6th hobby following the death of the UK Tank Club founder, Stuart Humphreys last month.

So sorry to hear of Mike's passing, over the years I've had many excellent parts from Mike and always enjoyed adding them to my models. Feel for all his family at this very sad time.

RIP Mike.
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Sorry for the loss, you will be missed.

I do want to say thank you for providing me and others with awesome items you created for our hobby. Sponsoring or providing prizes for contests. The help and wisdom you provided when helping me with questions that I had.

For providing inspiration with your products to show us what can be done in the world of 1/6th.

Thank you and rest in peace Mike.

I would also like to state my sympathy to his family and those who knew him personally Gods Speed to you Mike I know you will be missed.

I saw this coming for awhile. As he was trying so hard to hold it together and get all outstanding orders shipped, I could feel the desperation in his posts. If you read between the lines of his posts for the last few years, he was on-again-off-again about his business, and he took more time off than seemed normal at several junctures.

I think he spent the last few years just trying to cope with his problem and maintaining his business until he got all the orders filled and shipped. Without a lot of specifics about what he was going through, he dropped hints about his issues. But fate stepped in and stopped him. I admire his tenacity for forging ahead and trying to fulfill his outstanding orders as best he could during an unimaginably tough time in what was to be the last chapter of his life. An honest, talented craftsman that brought much joy into the lives of everyone he touched.

"He will be missed" doesn't quite cover it. But it is true. He will be missed for sure.
Death sucks! I never met Mike but from the posts he must have been an awesome man. His work in our hobby was amazing. He will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP.
Truly a sad time for his family and for our hobby.

I'm looking now at a few of his fine kits on my to-do bench still to be assembled. A craftsman of the high order.

Sad news.Condolences to his family first and foremost.

He will be missed on a personal and professional level.Chatted with him at a couple of shows.Very knowledgable and likable.
I've known Mike for a very long time and talked to him just before he passed away. He tried to fight the cancer, but that's one disease that's hard to beat. He'll be missed by lots of folks, but his pain and suffering in this world are now gone.

Sad times. My sincerest good wishes for Mike's family in this difficult time. I had only limited contact with Mike, just business stuff, but it was certainly positive. He was a talented craftsmen and an honorable businessman. All my dealings with him were positive and in our little 1/6th world that isn't always the case. I had no idea he had been a career soldier in Britain before beginning his 1/6th life in the US. He apparently had quite a career in what can safely be called "interesting" times. I'm sure he has a comfortable patch waiting in Fiddlers Green. R.I.P. Mike.