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Mike Stannard - Rest Well

Very sad news to hear. Mike's parts have been a major part of most of my vehicle projects in the past and will continue to be part of many future builds.
He will be sorely missed and close to irreplaceable in the 1/6 world.
As mentioned above, I'm not completely surprised, as his emails and posts over the last couple of years showed how his health issues were a major obstacle in his business and in his ability to continue in his business.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Rest in peace Mike.
Hi Mike
you has been a Master Craftsman and a real Gentleman.
I remember your kind attention during a call with my very poor english.
Rest in peace, Mike.
Mike was a great contributor to our hobby and a stand up guy. He will be missed here. May he rest in peace.
Very sad news, but not unexpected as Sourdoh noted.

I remember talking to him before the Las Vegas show and he was worried that not enough vendors, friends and visitors would show up. He was very relieved and happy to see so many vendors, although since it was the first show in Henderson, there was a lack of visitors.

He told me that he was glad so many came, and worried that those who traveled a great distance, such as Cory from the east coast, and Dave Dibbs all the way from England, might be dissapointed with the sales. But we all had a great time meeting, catching up and just discussing 1/6th modeling.

He had a photo taken of all of us on the front steps of the show hall. Does anyone have a copy that could be posted?

Rolling Thunder
So sorry to hear of Mike's passing! :( It's too bad so many of us have to go at an early age. Mike loved the hobby and it seems to me even in his last little bit of time here he was thinking of the buddies/customers he made in the hobby. This will leave a big hole in the hobby and the loss of a great online friend. RIP Mike!
I am saddened by this news. Mike was an Icon for many years in the 1/6 world. A true master craftsman. I still marvel at the quality and quantity of products and parts he made and provided over the years. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I hope you are at peace now.
I have never met the man or have dealings with him but with the outpouring of affection he looks to have been a all around good guy and a attribute to the 1/6th world.

RIP Mike.
I am so sorry to hear about this sad news.
I have only met Mike in cyber space as a customer of 6th Scale Icons.

He was always fair and prompt in all our business dealings.

RIP bro.
A message from Mikes Brother in Law :

To all friends
It was a deep personal regret that you had to hear from Michael J. Stannard’s passing away from someone else and not from us. Please understand and believe that it was out of our control. We are unable to log into his emails, website and so forth but we finally made contact with Steve Hoeger who has been kind enough to help us. As you all know that Mike was struggling with leukemia since 12/2013. The DRs had informed him on 7/8/14 that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer also. He was placed on hospice that same week but passed on that Saturday. He had wished to be cremated and that was granted. We grieve his death but cherish his memories and find comfort in knowing that he was loved by all his friends. Thank you from the family for the condolences as they are so much appreciated and needed. We are only able to read all these comments and it brings us peace.
We saw Mike work with such pride and he was so happy doing this kind of work. I recall going with him to the shop and he just couldn’t wait to start. He was a workaholic and so to us it was hard to see him weak and sick and unable to work. He would still try and go to the shop but it was so impossible sometimes. We just want to inform you that 6th Scale Icons is not shut down. We want to assure you that it is still open. We thank you for your support, Ray .
Very relived to hear that their father's one sixth scale icons is not shut down 'cos there is loads of products that I'd like to buy from their dad's OSSI.