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Hello SAG
A few pix of my 1/6 RSO project. This has been a long time in the works - finally getting realized with the help of 3D printing.

Some photos of hull. Printed in PLA + in 3 sections. Glued together then reinforced by 4X 5mm carbon rods through all 3 hull pieces. Frame rails along top edge are aluminum. Wheels and sprocket are printed Nylon. Sprocket chain ring are machined aluminum. Tracks are PLA+ or ABS resin. Motors are 12V 260 rpm with 3:4 reduction so approximately 180rmpm. Gearbox is mostly printed, but has brass, steel gears and 8mm hex drive shaft.

The plan is to print all the load bed in PLA+.

hope to do drive test before winter.












Thanks for looking. Till next time.
Vaya, tiene una pinta impresionante.... Cuando construí el mío también imprimí algunas piezas con mi máquina 3D.... ¡¡¡Pero todo!!!!, tiene una pinta increíblemente buena.
Estoy asombrada, gran trabajo de modelaje. Felicitaciones, vas a tener un hermoso vehículo.

Y encima ese radio control.... ¡¡¡Que envidia!!!
Por cierto.... Me muero por ver impresa esa cabaña.... ¡¡Quién podría hincarle el diente a ese archivo???!! 😍😁
Ostfront - thanks for compliment!

PP: Yes the cab will be a challenge. I will probably resin print it and most likely in at least 2 pieces and glue together. The floor of cab is separate and most likely will be printed in 2 pieces too. The doors will open/close and be separate parts. The load bed will be multiple parts glued together. So far its coming together well. Thank you for your comments! Adios!
Thanks all for the kind feedback. Another update hopefully soon!

I've always liked the RSO - a <small> truck with tracks. How could you not love that?
Looking very good,I too have always loved these little tracked trucks, there is something quirky about them!
Where did you get all the specs at? It's amazing what people are doing with these 3-D printers, if I was more computer literate I'd think about getting one! Keep up the great work!
47lincsled I did the 1/6 CAD model from a 1/35 scale Dragon model and the Nuts-n-bolts book. I'm and engineer so the CAD comes semi-naturally- even so the cab was a challenge to 3D model and print. Good learning project.

Thank you all for the kind feedback, comments and questions.
I reverse engineered a 57MM AT gun from a 1/35 scale kit, only I went all the way to full scale, but I'm a mechanic and welder so this was much easier then trying to work with computers for me!
Leonard - thanks for compliments, the current motors are these;

I'm not convinced these will hold up long term as they use a brass worm gear. But for now they are cheap, compact and work ok. They are little underpowered as well, but the real RSO was a bit wimpy in that regard. I'm currently investigating different motor options.