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Some new 1/6 'Garage build' manufacturers


Company Commander
Hi All,

'Garage build' manufacturers are typically small 1 or 2 man operations who design (and possibly build & paint) 1/6 products. either in a small production run or on commission basis.

I know some of you don't like to venture inte Facebook, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you some 1/6 'Garage build' manufacturers.

I'll update this thread when I come across Garaga build manufacturers, which I think might be worth a good look.

Even if you don't want to get on Facebook with a dummy account, you'll probably know someone near you who does use Facebook :cool:


Theo Dorus Oudbier


Theo is a dutch Garage builder. He has produced a large number of 1/6 vehicles including:
- Various WC Dodge versions
- Various Universal Carrier types
- Various CMP vehicles like the GM C15TA Armoured truck and GM Otter Recon
- Several versions of allied trailers for Jeeps and trucks.
Hatches and doors are usually functional.

He will take orders for unpainted a painted vehicles, with or without insignia.

I've attached some samples of his recent work.


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Warprints started as a Garage builder of 1/16 scale vehicles but has started producing 1/6 scale vehicles. His first 1/6 scale products is a Hetzer. He designs his products in 1/1 scale and then resizes them to a smaller scale. His products are designed to be RC'd

Warprints offers various services:
- You can buy the 3d files and use your own printer to print the parts. The 3d files can be printed on a regular 3d fdm printer with a build area of 200x200mm.
- You can order the vehicle as a complete kit, with all 3d printer parts and hardware to put it together.
- You can order a complete vehicle with painting optional.

I've added some pictures of the completed Hetzer and the Cromwell, which he is currently working on.

From his FB post of Jun 21, 2022:
1/6 scale Hetzer:
kit number 3 will be completed soon.
The last parts will be printed in a few days.
I'm starting to do the XTC-3D coating and postprocessing.
If you are interested, it can be sent in about 2 weeks.
As everytime, its printed with ASA, PET(G) and resin - NO PLA!!!
Here are videos with the assembled vehicle:
Pictures of the assembled vehicle:


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Do the three individuals have websites or an email address? I am one of those that doesn't have a facebook account and don't plan on getting one.

I do appreciate you putting this list together.
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Would be great if Warprint could also produce a Marder kit but would take producing a lot more parts.

Dutchman, thanks for the posts. I was able to have my sister contact Theo on facebook and am now corresponding with him. Thank you.
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Do the three individuals have websites or an email address? I am one of those that doesn't have a facebook account and don't plan on getting one.

I do appreciate you putting this list together.

No I couldn't find any. But I see you managed to find someone with FB access and sorted it out.
Thanks for this. These are some beautiful pieces of work. It's good to know the hobby is still alive out there.

Like others, I don't venture on facebook, and have no intention of doing so, so your recon is appriciated.
Dutchman, thanks again for the postings. I've been corresponding with Theo and ordered a WC-54 ambulance and a Ben Hur water trailer.

Thanks again
Dutchman, thanks again for the postings. I've been corresponding with Theo and ordered a WC-54 ambulance and a Ben Hur water trailer.

Thanks again
It's good to see someone made use of my posts in this thread! :amer_rollin:

I hope SAG will be back soon so I can continue to update this thread with new interesting Garage builders.
Been trading emails with Theo and he also produces detail parts for the Dragon Sherman tank, mostly internal parts, including the engine, transmission, shifting gears, seats and other parts.

I can also vouch for RC3D model. I’ve had nothing but outstanding service from this one man operation . He goes out of his way to please.

Hi guys,

Here's another producer of 3d sets. They have a whole suite of 4WD vehicle designs, including a Landrover Defender line-up: https://3dsets.com/product-category/3dprintable-models/3d-printable-car-models/landy-4x4-lineup/

These models are in 1/8 scale but you can re-scale the design to 1/6 by simply enlarging the designs by 33,3%. The design includes a complete drivetrain design to allow full R/C but that will need to be adjusted (the 1/8 design is based around available bearing sizes, for which it's difficult to find equivalent +33,3% versions). The design does not come with tires but they can be purchased from i.e. Aliexpress.com. The design comes with an 80 page instruction handbook, which you can preview on their website.

I have bought the Defender 90 Hardtop, re-scaled it to 1/6 and am in the process of assembling the printed parts. The parts are all bolted together which allows you to replace parts if you break any when driving around.

I'm not turning this thread into a build report, these pictures below are just to show you how well designed these kits are. Each design costs € 40 to € 45, which is a smoking deal!




  • IMG_3376 (Groot).JPG
    IMG_3376 (Groot).JPG
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